If you are interested in advertising any of your products, services and/or offers, we are providing you with the following options in our Journal:
FULL A4 PAPER SIZE (price in dinars)

(for single issue)
(for 3 issues)
Black and White advertisement30.00070.000
Color Advertisement40.000100.000

Advertisers are entitled to free annual subscription.

For further information, please contact the Editorial Office at email

Sanamed journal offer Print and Online Advertising

The opinions expressed in Sanamed journal are those of the authors and contributors, and do not always reflect those of the Association of medical doctors “Sanamed”, the Editorial board of Sanamed journal or the organization to which the authors are affiliated.

The mention of trade names, commercial products or organizations, as well as the inclusion of advertisements in the Sanamed journal does not imply the support of the Publisher (Association of Doctors “Sanamed”), members of the Editorial board or the organization to which the authors are affiliated. The final responsibility for the use and dosage of drugs as well as the interpretation of the published material mentioned in Sanamed is taken over by the medical practitioner, and the Editorial Board and the Publisher cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by any errors

or omissions in the Journal.

Sanamed does not endorse any company, product or service that appears in their advertising. Advertising is separated from content. Advertisers and sponsors have no prior knowledge of the Journal’s content, nor do editors have prior knowledge of advertisers. The content is never changed to adapt to advertisements, and Advertisers and sponsors have no influence on the editorial policy. The publisher may reject or cancel the advertisement at any time. Sanamed has no influence on other online links that readers can reach through advertising banners on the Journal’s website.

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